Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Vision Continued Part VII

The Queen’s Request 

Suddenly, my Lady stepped forward and stood in front of me. I had not noticed that her attire had been completely transformed from simply dress to royal garments. She was adorned as a queen with twelve stars about her head. Her mantle had turned into a regal cape of lace with a long train. Embroidered unto the train were the initials AM, one interwoven into the other and both pierced with a cross. Roses branched out from each side of the letters and twelve jewels lined the train, six on each side. She held my hand behind her and I stood on her train in the darkness, for her presence had cast a shadow upon me. To the King she began to speak these words: “If it should please the King, may this daughter of mine be brought up within my personal court, that she may one day be found worthy to be considered a suitable bride for your Majesty’s Son. The King agreed and I was brought back to earth for the vision was finally ended.

This is part seven of a seven part project. For the full story click here

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Vision Continued Part VI

The Main Hall 

The main hall was lit with many torches, and led to a massive stone double door. Carved within the
arching door post were the words Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus. On each side of the door post were eight jewels with eight encircling jewels around each. On the center of the double doors was the image of a burning heart with rays of light coming forth from within it. There were two angels on either side of the heart with their faces hidden. To the sound of trumpet blasts, the doors opened and the Great Room was filled with glorious and piercing light. I could not see anything for the light was too bright. It did not come from lamps, for there were no lamps in all the Great Room. The light was coming from the One seated upon the throne. And so I knew that my Lady’s mantle could no longer hide my presence. Indeed, a deep resounding voice called out to me saying, “Come out.” I stepped out from underneath my Lady’s mantle and stood naked before the Majestic Light seated upon the throne. Nothing came between me and His scrutinizing gaze.

This is part six of a seven part project. For the full story click here

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Vision Continued Part V

My Perpetual Help (continued)

At one point and in my curiosity, I peered through her mantle and found that we were walking on a tight rope that had connected the first mountain to an even higher mountain. This higher mountain had an immense water fall coming forth from within and the waters were flowing down to the depths. I held on to her more strongly and she said “do not be afraid, am I not here who am your mother?”

This is part five of a seven part project. For the full story click here

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Vision Continued Part IV

My Perpetual Help (continued)

Then she told me that the journey had only just begun, but that I was now under her maternal
protection and she would not let me fall. She said “I shall be your guide, you shall only step where I step, when I step. Plant your feet firmly on top of mine, your left foot on my left and your right foot on my right.” And so, as I lay hidden within her mantle, I stood on top of her fee. She took a step forward and I immediately lost balance. Many times she attempted to walk but many times I failed to stay secure. I lamented and complained saying “is there not an easier way?” She replied, “Small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, there is no other way.” After countless trials, I started to complain less about the fact that we had not progressed at all, and started to rejoice more in the fact that I was gaining better balance. Slowly we began to progress rather steadily and suddenly we were walking at a very quick pace. Yet we still journeyed for what seemed like an eternity.

This is part four of a seven part project. For the full story click here

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Vision Continued Part III

My Perpetual Help

Through my bitter tears, I prayed for aid and suddenly the mountain began to rumble and rise, and I
feared that I would fall off the side of the mountain. I realized the rumble was the sound of many carvings appearing beneath me, but I could not see what was being written below me. I looked above
me and I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, standing at the top of the mountain. She was
dressed in simple garments and a mantle of white. She stretched out her hands towards me and told me to grab a hold of her. I did as she said and she pulled me up over the cliff and drew me directly into her warm embrace. I dared not ask her who she was, for I already knew that she was Mary, my dear mother and surest refuge. I stayed in her embrace for what seemed like an eternity, and there I wept. As I cried, I felt the weight of a thousand worries being lifted from me, and I became as light as a cloud. Indeed, I became a little child in her arms, so she wrapped me underneath her mantle. I asked her what was being written on the side of the mountain when she was pulling me up over the cliff. She told me that all the names of my friends, family, benefactors, patron saints, indeed the entire communion of saints, all who had journeyed with me, prayed with me and for me, were lifting me up just enough to grab hold of her arms.

This is part three of a seven part project. For the full story click here

Friday, February 19, 2016

The Vision Continued Part II

The Ledge

As I rested from my climb on the ledge, I found in front of me a sheer cliff of solid wall with no footing to help me climb. I was stuck where I was. In huge letters, the word “Pride” carved itself into the wall in front of me and I sat and wept for I could not move on but dared not go back where I was.

This is part two of a seven part project. For the full story click here

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Vision

The Sea Shore

I, received a vision from the Lord of the spiritual journey. I was brought to the shore of a vast ocean. Its waters were unlike those I had ever seen before. Its waters were so still that overwhelming silence
pierced through the air. Towards the horizon, I could see the sun begin its ascent into the clear sky.
Vibrant colors of purple, orange, and teal flooded the sky. The waters began to glisten as the sun rose. It glistened like millions of diamonds, pure crystals, and brilliant sapphires and rubies. Their reflection of the rising sun blinded me so sharply that even when I closed my eyes, the memory of them was still as vivid as when I had had my eyes open. As I peered off towards the distance, I could see an immense mountain of gold leading towards some far off land. I felt within me a deep yearning to climb the mountain and to follow the path towards the land I could not see. But there was an ocean between me and the mountain that I could not cross. I began to cry as my soul groaned within me. As my tears fell into the water, they began to disturb the stillness, making the water move and ripple. Suddenly, a small boat appeared from the misty horizon. It floated directly towards me and stopped on the shore in front of me. It was big enough for me alone and just as it had appeared on its own, so did it take me on its own towards the golden mountain.

This is part one of a seven part project. For the full story click here
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